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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Confidence and Persuasion

Necessary Qualities of a Good Persuader

Persuasion is asserting your will over others. In this definition, the concept of power comes in. Power is the ability of a person to put his will over others or over his followers. But in persuasion, no full power should be applied. The persuader should learn to be humble to accomplish his objective, so that the persuadee may give in. Therefore, the qualities of a persuader must come from opposite ends. He must be positive-minded but open to negative results; he must be insistent but must also know how to compromise.

Let us look at the essential qualities a good persuader must have.

First, he must learn to balance both sides. In the middle of a discussion, he should not always place too much emphasis on the advantages he will get from the deal. He should place equal or more consideration in the benefits that the other party will get. The persuader should try to anticipate the expectations of the persuadee. Thereafter, the persuader’s benefits can be considered.

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